Where Are the Dolls

(short film poem, 8 minutes)


a moody poem in the form of a movie, with sparse dialogue and dreamy visuals.”
Dorothy Snarker, AfterEllen.com

Where Are the Dolls follows a woman as she embarks on a late-night journey through an unfamiliar urban landscape, searching for something she cannot name. The film is inspired by the poem “Where are the dolls who loved me so….” by Pulitzer Prize-winning American poet Elizabeth Bishop (1911 – 1979). An impressionistic dream that emerges from the woman’s subconscious, the film navigates – both literally and metaphorically – issues of femininity, intimacy and sexuality.

With Megan Follows, Nicola Correia-Damude, Katie Boland, Shannon Barnett, Anastasia Phillips.
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